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Hot video and color lighting: how to diversify sex without leaving home

Most experts recommend adding variety to your sex life as often as possible. But how can you make sex truly exciting without leaving home? Sexologist Galina Kuznetsova answered this question.

Make a video

Yes, we have said many times that any erotic filming can be used against you, so such entertainment always occurs at your own peril and risk, however, in a long-term relationship with a trusted partner, these risks are reduced significantly. “If you trust your man, why not invite him to make a hot video just for the two of you? If you’re worried, ask to film it on your gadget and review it together under your control,” the expert recommends. Such shootings greatly increase the level of sensuality in a relationship.

Prepare a bath

If you have a large bathtub, why not use it for its intended purpose! Set aside an evening, preferably when you don't have to rush anywhere the next day, and take water treatments together. But here you will have to make an effort. “Gather an erotic playlist, dim the lights and decorate the room – bring lighting, place scented candles, etc. Ideally, if there is room for a table for drinks,” explains the sexologist. As you can see, such a bath will require time and some effort, which will be fully repaid by the delight of your man.

change the atmosphere in the bedroom

change the atmosphere in the bedroomMaru Lombardo/unsplash.com

Transform the bedroom< /p>

You can get new sensations even in your own bed. Our expert recommends spending a little time and, of course, money so that the bedroom literally sparkles with new colors. “You can't imagine how much a simple colored light can change the atmosphere. You will feel like real participants in a sex party, even if there is no one around but you,” says Galina. The best backlight colors for such an experiment are red, purple and pink, but it is better to avoid cold light, it will not bring the effect you are hoping for.