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Make a change, change your image and other advantages of life without a relationship

Despite the fact that today the absence of a partner raises questions among friends and relatives, many consciously choose life without a relationship or, at least, take a long break, abandoning a permanent partner. We talked with practical psychologist Olga Antipova, who told us about the main advantages of living as a modern person without a partner.

This is the time to relax and live without obligations

In a relationship, we jointly decide what to do, where to be and until what time, what to buy, when to return from work. “Now this does not cause absolutely any tension and we can change plans at our own discretion, without worrying about upsetting anyone,” comments the psychologist.

Focus on your needs

You can finally shift the focus to your needs: discover something new in yourself, feel your own rhythm of life, adjust your biological clock according to yourself, understand what you love and what you want to do, our expert is sure of this.

Your rules

Olga: “You can behave at home the way you want: a convenient cleaning schedule or lack thereof, rearrangement at any time of the day or night, comfort according to your own taste, watching series on TV and not on your phone, and much more.” But be careful – you can get used to such freedom very quickly and it will not be easy to refuse.

use your free time correctly

use your free time correctlyScott Broome/unsplash.com

All paths are open

Life without a relationship is a great time to travel, including spontaneous ones! “Get away with friends on the weekend to a neighboring region, out of town or into nature, and perhaps go on a retreat to India. The whole world is at your service and you are not limited in time,” says the psychologist.

New hobbies and acquaintances

Let new knowledge and acquaintances into your life . Olga: “Psychology courses, cutting and sewing, diving, strip plastic: now you can do what you’ve been putting off for a long time.” Don't waste your precious time.

Experiments with image

While you are not busy with relationships, there is a great opportunity to change your look and wardrobe. Our expert is sure that by freeing up a large amount of energy, we change ourselves and can no longer remain in the old paradigm of perception. Olga Antipova: “You can renew your energy without a twinge of conscience – get a haircut and remove things that don’t make you happy from your closet.”

The opportunity to spend time with whoever you want

Now you have the freedom to invite your parents to dinner, your girlfriends for a bachelorette party, or an old friend to watch a movie at your discretion. You can also return home at any time or even the next day, or in a week.

Finance is only at your disposal

Our expert recommends planning a budget, new sources of income, save, invest or spend money at your own discretion. No one will say a word to you.

Adjust your diet to suit yourself

Nutrition is now also in your hands. Olga: “Today you can have breakfast in a cafe, tomorrow you can go hungry, go on a vegetable diet for a week, and in a month you might want to switch to a gluten-free menu.” And you don’t need to think about what to feed your other half all this time.

Openness to everything new.

This is a great time to take full responsibility for your life and change it at your discretion. There is no need to think about how our decisions will affect our partner’s mood or the relationship as a whole. The psychologist explains that this way we can be more ambitious and open to the surprises and opportunities that life brings.