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These kissing mistakes scare men away: the partner will be embarrassed to say

Women often think that just allowing a man to kiss makes him happy. In fact, kissing your partner is a real art. We decided to talk to sexologist Anastasia Vetvitskaya, who told us what moments in a kiss men complain about most often.

Dry lips

It seems that well-groomed female lips are something that is not worth mentioning, but in fact it is one of the most popular male complaints. Moreover, it is not always possible to understand that the lips are chapped and the kiss will be unpleasant. “This becomes clear during the process, and it’s somehow inconvenient to refuse,” explains the sexologist. At the same time, many women do not pay much attention to this point, believing that men also do not focus on it. In reality, it may be difficult for your partner to directly tell you to take care of the skin of your lips.

Woman’s passivity

The only thing worse than dry lips is a lack of initiative with woman's side. “It seems to a man that he is literally raping you – you do not react, only he is trying. All desire disappears instantly,” comments Anastasia. Adapt to your partner's rhythm, but don't overwhelm.

Kiss during illness

The downside is an excessive initiative on the part of the woman, when passionate kisses should obviously be postponed. Anastasia: “If you have a runny nose, severe cough and other manifestations of infectious diseases, wait until you have fully recovered. The man will happily wait.” But you definitely shouldn’t force your partner to accept you in any condition – you will only cause rejection.

These kissing mistakes scare men away: the partner will be embarrassed to say

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Reluctance to use language

At a certain stage relationships, kisses are becoming more and more sensual, but women often completely refuse any intervention of the tongue in ordinary kisses, which incredibly upsets a man. “It may not seem important, but for men, French kissing really matters. Such a sensual kiss can easily be called a prelude to sex,” notes the sexologist. If you don't accept the idea of ​​French kissing, think about what might be the reason for your internal resistance. You may need to consult a specialist to solve such a delicate emotional problem.