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Latin American investment and the booming technology, real estate and financial sectors in Spain

Latin American investments and the rapid development of technology, real estate and the financial sector in Spain

Mexico City, (EFE) – Investment volumes from Latin America to Spain are growing year by year. Spain is one of the main routes for transatlantic investment into Europe. The Iberian Peninsula has gained the greatest popularity among citizens of Mexico and Argentina. Investors from these countries spare no expense in investing in the country's technology and financial sectors, as well as in the local real estate market.

In the current situation, private investors and businesses from Latin American countries are seeking to diversify their asset portfolios through international markets. Europe turns out to be a profitable destination due to the depreciation of the euro and many government benefits in the eurozone aimed at creating a very “warm” climate for investors. Over the past 10 years, one of the main tools for attracting investors has been “golden visas,” including for the purchase of real estate.

In Spain, these visas have become a fundamental factor for the economic development of the country. There are currently more than 500 Mexican companies making stable investments in Spain. In 2023, these investments increased by more than $33.68 billion. Much attention is paid to the Madrid region. Antonio Basagoiti, President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, reports that recently Mexico-Spain format meetings have been held frequently, which are fueling relations between the two countries in the economic sphere.

Argentina is the second largest investor

< p>Argentina ranks second after Mexico in the list of investor countries. According to the “Global LATAM 2022” report by ICEX, the amount of funds invested in Spain by Argentina is noticeably less than that of Mexico, in 2022 it amounted to about 9,369,000 euros. Large multinational corporations based in Argentina are opening their branches in Spain. They are engaged in developments in the technological field, apply technologies in the service sector, and operate in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

In recent years, small Argentine businesses have begun to operate in these areas. In addition to the above, these companies operate in the gastronomic and logistics sectors. Most of these companies are united in the Argentine-Spanish Association of Entrepreneurs (Asaede), which currently consists of 284 members. Of these, 70% are employed in the technology and digital sector, and every tenth company is involved in the marketing of Argentine food products, such as meat and wine, and the restaurant business.

Colombia is losing interest in Spain

Spanish businesses and investors are paying great attention to the Colombian economy and market. Spain is the second investor country after the United States in terms of the volume of funds invested in this Latin American country. According to the Central Bank of Colombia, about 2,440,000 euros were invested in the country's economy in 2022. At the same time, in Colombia itself, interest in the Spanish market has been declining in recent years. Also in 2022, the volume of invested funds from Colombia to Spain decreased to 142,500,000 euros. Money is concentrated in the aviation industry, food industry, insurance and services, and fashion industry.