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What is more valuable, what is simpler? How to choose between “golden visas” in the EU and second citizenship in third countries

Which scheme is more reliable and which is more accessible from a financial point of view? Where is the result practically more interesting? At the Prian webinar, advice was given by Apex Capital Partners experts – President and Founder Nuri Katz and Vice President for Russia and the CIS Sofia Silina.

Which is more valuable, which is simpler? How to choose between “golden visas” in the EU and second citizenship in third countries0

Current situation

The immigration market is doing well. In the sense that there is demand. Residence permit and citizenship programs are still in demand, all over the world. By obtaining resident status, people with opportunities diversify “national” risks.

But if we talk about Russians and Belarusians… Of the 13 citizenship investment programs, only three are offered today with varying degrees of activity – Vanuatu, Turkey and Egypt.

But in the Caribbean countries, whose programs were once extremely popular, strict barriers have been put in place, and they are not being lifted. It is impossible to accept documents even from those born in Russia and Belarus. And giving up your first citizenship won't help either. But – a paradox – in some Caribbean countries they continue to issue passports to applicants who applied before the ban was introduced.

There are more existing residence permit programs, but there are nuances here too. These are broader sanctions lists, much stricter banking compliance, difficulties with opening an account in a European bank, as well as existing restrictions in individual countries. For example, Greece allows Russians to participate only if they have a second citizenship.

Of course, the procedure for obtaining citizenship is more complicated than a residence permit. But the status of a citizen gives much more rights and freedoms. This is a permanent status that cannot be canceled (unlike a residence permit).

The key point in any investment program is banking compliance. Internal regulations and instructions of banks are aimed at minimizing risks due to unscrupulous clients and preventing illegal withdrawal of money from accounts.

Therefore, if this stage is successfully completed, the migration authorities are no longer so active in “finding.”

< p>So, what do we choose from?

Vanuatu citizenship: non-refundable investment

Condition.Free contribution to the state fund from $130 thousand for one applicant or from $180 thousand for a family of four. The applicant's spouse, his/her children and parents can also apply.

Important! The threshold for entering the program is the lowest. And there is still no long-term banking compliance. Therefore, a passport is issued in a short time – three to four months – and still remotely. The authorities do not oblige you to visit the country before and after obtaining citizenship.

A citizen of the country has the opportunity to enter 102 countries of the world without visas, including Hong Kong, Singapore and the Russian Federation, as well as apply for a long-term tourist visa to the USA (for ten years).

And a Vanuatu passport is a tool that will help bring an investor closer to the status of a resident of the European Union within a year or so. For example, a “golden visa” for Greece and Portugal can only be issued if you have a second passport of another state (there are no such restrictions in Spain and Cyprus).

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