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How will rental conditions change in Greece?

How will rental conditions change in Greece?0

All measures are being taken

The Greek authorities intend to intervene in the situation that is occurring in the real estate rental market. This applies specifically to those properties that are rented out for a short period of time.

In Greece there are not enough properties for long-term rental. Currently, certain measures are being taken to increase the number of apartments, but additional ones need to be introduced.

For example, obtaining a residence permit for investment must be linked specifically to renting real estate for a long period. And if it is determined that the rental is short-term, then this type of visa for citizens may be canceled.

The number of objects for short-term rental will also be strictly limited. Each region will have its own specific indicators. But restrictions will also be introduced for owners. For example, the number of short-term rental properties will be reduced to two per owner.

Another very important change that will occur is the limitation of rental periods.

The situations in each municipality are completely different . Therefore, restoration measures must be carried out individually. Each municipality will determine the number of properties that can be rented out for short-term rent.

Already in the second half of this year, corresponding changes will begin in the Greek market. Throughout the country there are more than 140 thousand properties that are available for short-term rental.