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What determines the cost of rent in Switzerland?

What determines the cost of rent in Switzerland?0

Cheap and expensive regions are marked

Switzerland is one of the most popular European countries. Famous resorts are located on its territory. The standard of living in this country is one of the highest in Europe.

Real estate in the Alpine country is also very attractive, including for investors. Swiss market statistics were recently published. And, as studies have shown, in certain regions, rental housing is more expensive, and in others it is cheaper. For comparison, it should be noted that some tenants have to pay almost four hundred francs more. We emphasize once again that the amount depends on the region.

In Switzerland, only 36 percent of the population owns their own home. This figure is one of the lowest in all of Europe.

In general, in the country from 2021 to 2022, rental costs increased by almost one and a half percent. But according to 2023 indicators, the average rental price has increased several times.

So which region has the most affordable rent? Based on the results of 2022, this is the canton of Jura. The rent there is 960 francs per month, which is 400 francs cheaper than the national average. You can also rent real estate in Valais and Glarus at low prices in Switzerland.

In which region is real estate more expensive for tenants? This is Zug. It is followed in the list by Zurich, Schwyz and Geneva.

Zug's position at the very first line of the ranking is not surprising at all. Since this place is the most expensive and best to live in this European country. The cost of renting comfortable and spacious apartments in Zug reaches nine thousand francs.