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What is more profitable to buy in Spain?

What is more profitable to buy in Spain?0

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Many investors and just ordinary real estate buyers are interested in which objects are most profitable to invest money in. Further profitability depends not only on the type of property, but also on the location where it is located.

Where is it most profitable to purchase property in Spain? Which properties and where are the most profitable at present?

According to the data obtained, offices remain the most profitable type of real estate in the country this year. If you purchase such an object and then rent it out, it can generate a profit of up to 12 percent per annum. This is the most profitable investment in real estate.

And trading platforms are in second place in terms of profitability in Spain. Their profit reaches 10% per annum.
It is also profitable to invest in residential real estate. After all, such an acquisition can bring a profit of approximately seven percent per annum.

The most profitable type of real estate is office space. Cities where it is most profitable to buy offices: Zaragoza, Burgos, Seville.

Trading platforms will be the most profitable acquisition in Murcia, Lleida, Avila. The yield ranges from 10 to 11 percent per annum. In Madrid and Barcelona the rates are also high (7%).

In 2024, in Lleida, Murcia, Zamora, it is most profitable to purchase residential real estate. These locations are the most profitable for purchasing these objects. There are also cities where it is profitable to buy all types of profitable properties.

Profitability in 2024 is slightly higher than in 2023.