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Which workers in Switzerland are paid more?

Which employees in Switzerland are paid more?0

Industries named

Many citizens leave for other countries because of work. That is, they find employment in the territory of another state. It is for this reason that they move there for permanent residence.

One of the highest paid jobs in Europe is work in Switzerland. But there is also a rating of professions for which they receive the highest wages in this country. The average salary of an employee is 6,790 francs (based on data for 2022).

Over the past fifteen years, wages for employees in Switzerland have been constantly increasing. In this situation, highly paid employees benefit the most. The lowest wage in Switzerland was CHF 4,500 for 2022. But the maximum payment for the same period of time exceeded twelve thousand francs per month.

The professions that are the highest paid in Switzerland are named. The tobacco industry comes first. In this industry, workers receive the highest wages, it is 13,300 francs per month.

Workers in the banking sector in Switzerland receive 10,500 francs per month. Banking is also the highest paying industry after the tobacco industry.

And pharmaceuticals is the third highest paying occupational field. The salary reaches 10,300 francs.

Insurance, education, accounting and legal services also pay high wages compared to other industries.